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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day to You !

this entry special for my beloved dad who was able to grew me up being like a human , because im a 'sewel' enough in the family . Haha .

okay , lets introduce  .. this is Mr Yusoff b. Ismail .

i use to call him as Papa . I think he is toughable man . Sometimes, he make my whole family deeply affected by what he had done . Caring ?? Ofcoz , he is a caring dad  . and im pretty sure that, all dad in the world had a feeling of care towards their children .

somehow , this guy make me feel annoying and irritating . Yes , i admit it ! . But i've a brain, a brain that can think how to respect and talk nicer towards old people . As a youngest and also the only daughter he had , someday i will make him proud .

for me , everyday is fathers day . I LOVE YOU PAPA ! :) ))

for those who had read , 
*Happy Fathers Day to BAPAK KAU !! 


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