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Monday, 27 June 2011

oh Result !

huhay !!

finally , my result has been announced .
Eventhough i cant reached my target to 3 pointer and above , at least , im not below than 2.5.
*nak markah tinggi jugak !!!

anyway , i would like to thanked all my lectures , my colleges friends , and also to my beloved parents , who had always teach and help me.
What ever it is , thank GOD . i've tried my best ,and thats my result .
Alhamdullillah . syukur ....

Im constantly afraid about my result since the last day of my examination .
Dup dap .. dup dap .. dup dap ....
i cant handle it without Istighfar .
when the heart beating comes to end , i fully relieved and all my nervous feeling gone .
hahah ..

and now , im waiting for next semester . it is around the corner.
not more than two weeks .
i will heading back to KPMIM , Kuantan .

for next semester , i need to work more harder .
no more playing games , chatting , webcam and so on .
study means study !
i hope my result will be much better than this .

*jangan tanya result aku , tumbuk karang .


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