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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kau Pergi Jua

On 23rd of June 2011 , Mr. Abu Bakar or known as Pak Ngah has passed away peacefully .

he left a widow with one son and daughter in law. 
Anyway , he is my neighbor .

i don't believe it .  A person who has very cheerful and active personality was dead . 
*woahhh . T_T
Thats what people always said , "ajal maut di tangan Tuhan" .

based on my observation .. *observer ?? haha 
he loved kids , and so do kids .
feeling between two soul and body .
just like son/daughter and dad

He's almost 65 years old man .
the cause of the death due to cancer problem .
He suffered about 6 months and now he's already gone .
I think today is the right time for him to go .

yang mati tetap kekal mati , yang hidup teruskan segala usaha anda untuk menempah tempat di kalangan orang-orang yang mulia disisi Allah S.W.T .

*semoga roh Pak Ngah dicucuri rahmat & ditempatkan di kalangan orang orang yang beriman .
amin ........

Al - Fatihah .


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