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Saturday, 25 June 2011

my Beloved . Who ?

jheahhh .. im 19 years old already . over the years, i grew up to be a perfect girl .
i know , im not so perfect among people out there . 
I make mistake , i make people hurt.
It is because im a human . and its normal , okay 

Anyway , this time i want to share about L.O.V.E.
Nowadays , 11 years old girl already had a boyfriend and there are few who have been sleep together .
woahhh .. *Nice !

But , when  speaking on someone special in life , I always fancied about who wants to be my boyfriend ?
ha , people who knew me , they know how i really am . 
a person who was aggresive and cheerful  among friends , and family .. *woahh .. (banggalah ) haha .

I admit that i am fussy sometimes . 
but when theres someone who can attract my feeling, i will take care of him . 
I'll show my love .. Ha .. siap kau boyfie !!

until now , no one are able to get into my heart .
Im not a selective person . 
Tapi kalau boleh nak gak yg satu palotak .
Im not 'minah jiwang' , 'minah bunga' , 'minah tangkap leleh'
I am brutal .. RAWR !!

biasalah budak muda .. baru nak naik .. gatal nak ada pakwe2 .. haha
*hamboi ketamboi kemain gatal lg ye ,.


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ur request will be process as soon as possible .

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